Monday, June 9, 2014

Mackenzie's Senior Portrait {photography for the beautiful seniors of Rowan County}

Now that things have died down a little in my life I can share this beautiful and fun session I did with Miss Mackenzie.  I think you can see that the camera loved her, not a bad shot.  As much as I love photographing babies and young children, seniors are fun and easy to edit because they are young and beautiful!  THEY make ME look good!  
Enjoy this pretty young lady and please share my blog with any rising seniors you know.


It's hard to choose a favorite but the first two are probably mine.  

This is so pretty, such a photogenic girl.

See what I mean?  Not a bad shot.

I think everyone needs a good B&W shot of themselves, don't you?  Wait, I don't have any B&Ws of me!  I need to work on that…...

I love smiling eyes!

We ran over to Catawba to finish our session.  I just love the beauty and diversity of this campus.

Are you thinking modeling contract?  I am.  

Such a beauty inside and out.  

Thank you Beaver family for trusting me with your precious girl.  I'm honored to have captured a moment in time for you.  She has such a bright and promising future. 
 Good luck in college, Mackenzie!  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

west family {rowan county lifestyle photographer}

My mom-in-law is visiting us from California this week (so is my bro-in-law) and in honor of her raising two wonderful men (along with my father-in-law who is no longer with us) I would love to post a session I had with the West family.  Elizabeth is also raising two wonderful boys, Spencer and Davis, and I had a lot of fun with them; they are a beautiful family!  Enjoy the West session.

We started at the West's house for more casual shots.  This is Davis, great eyes!

This is older brother Spencer, also great eyes!

What a beautiful family!  Elizabeth wanted to include their dog Buddy as well.

We then moved over to Catawba college where the Wests dressed up a bit more.  They are so photogenic.
 Isn't mom just gorgeous?

CUTE!  Such richness too.

Spencer just hanging out, looking all handsome and all.

Great smile, even his eyes are smiling.

Love this shot of Spencer!

These boys are so photogenic!  I love "brothers" shots.

Thank you West family for allowing me into your family for an afternoon.  You did so well and I hope you cherish these images for years to come.

Monday, March 17, 2014

bemus kids {rowan county lifestyle photographer}

Let me introduce you to the Bemus kids, not only are they CUTE but they are so talented!  If you don't know already, they are making a name for themselves in the Blue Grass world.  When mom, Amy, came to me needing photos for their professional gigs I jumped at the chance.  I had such fun at our session and even got a private concert.  It was a chilly day but you'd never know by looking at them, they are quite the professionals…. the show must go on.  Enjoy these sweet shots; I just love them!

Gabe and Gracie.  Luminous, right?  So beautiful!

Miss Grace can play the fiddle AND sing at the same time, and she's only 8!  Isn't she just gorgeous?

Gabe is a great guitar player AND singer.  I love his expression here, fortunately for me a train was passing at this moment.  People always light up when a train passes. 

The dynamic Bemus Duo… keep your eyes on these two.

Just plain cute!

Miss Sassafras!  I just love her personality!!!!!

Beauty shot!  Gotta have a beauty shot for PR purposes when you're going places.

Those of you who follow my work know that I love making some of my clients wear mustaches.  Why?  They're just plain funny and the kids love them!

This shot could've been taken decades ago.  Isn't it timeless?

This looks timeless too.  I love Miss Gracie's little bob.  What a gorgeous profile! 

LOVE this shot!  Good looks AND personality!  

The setting sun makes for some of the most glorious photos.  I love this, so happy and loving!  Amy and Ronnie should show them this when they're fighting.

Thank you SO much, Bemus family, for trusting me with your personal and professional shots.  Extra thanks to Gabe and Gracie for the beautiful music, and acting happy and warm when I know you were so cold… you are quite the professionals!  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

brooke {rowan county lifestyle photographer}

Brooke's mom contacted me before Christmas for some updated portraits of Brooke.  We decided on a bright, crisp January day.  I let clients choose the location and Brooke chose downtown, she's been a downtown girl since she learned to walk.  I just love downtown Salisbury!  Many who grew up here don't realize how good we have it.  Back home in Los Angeles you'd have to drive to a sketchy part of the city for the train station, and for cool old buildings, again, sketchy, not to mention FAR!  I'd have to drive a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour in any direction due to horrible traffic.   But I digress, we met at the Bell Tower, then traveled to the Depot and ended at Lee Street Theater.  All great backgrounds.  Please enjoy the following shots of this fun-loving, enthusiastic, beautiful young lady!

Here we are at the Bell Tower.  Great textures.

Such a pretty smile.

The lighting at the Depot is just incredible.  Look at that creamy skin.

Brooke loves gymnastics.  I love capturing who a child really is.  

Brooke wanted to show me her Grand Jete; I'm glad she did.

And a quick shot at Waterworks.  Gorgeous!

This shot looked great in color too but B&W won out.

You can tell we had lots of fun!  I just love her here, to me this is 100% Brooke!!!!

Stephanie, thank you for the privilege of capturing your sweet girl.  I'm so thrilled with our shots!  Brooke, thanks for coming up with some fun-filled ideas at our shoot and for always being a ray of sunshine.  I loved our time together!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

big sister Anna {rowan county children's photographer}

This is Anna and she is the big sister to Jack (see previous post Baby Jack Turns 1).  Of course I had to snap some shots of this little angel face while photographing her little brother.  This little girl is so happy and animated, just a natural in front of the camera.  Like her little brother, she also looks like she was created by Disney.  The eyes in this family are incredible!  Please enjoy these sweet shots of 
Miss Anna.

 The session started with shots of brother and sister but Jack decided he was done so it quickly turned into an Anna session; it was meant to be.  How tender this shot is.

Child's play can make the best candid photos.  Here Anna is talking to her unicorn, Pat.  

I then received dancing and etiquette lessons.  It was my lucky day!  Look at this gorgeous sun setting.  

My own private concert of Frozen's anthem, "Let It Go"

Look at her big eyes light up when I tell her we are almost done.  Isn't she ADORABLE?!!!

LOVE this expression too.  She is a living doll for sure.  

Thanks, Anna, for some of my favorite shots of all time!  And thank you for my private concert.  It was an honor.

Monday, March 3, 2014

baby jack turns 1 {rowan county lifestyle photographer}

A few weeks ago I got the privilege to photograph 1-Year-Old portraits for Jack.  He turned one in February and because he is so young and his family lives on my street, I was able to break up the session into two segments.  We decided to do the first part of the session on a snowy day and wait for a warmer day to shoot the cupcake smash and additional shots.  

I am so excited to be sharing these shots!  I am just in love with this little boy who looks as if Disney created him.  LOVE the eyes!  Enjoy.

Let's begin with the snowy shots.  The lighting was perfect.

SO cute!

Who's 1?!!!!  Look at that sweet, chubby finger, I could eat it.  Serendipity here; couldn't have asked for better placement of the sun, his face and finger, uh!  Love!

My hubby and I are crazy about Jack in this adirondack chair.  His expressions just kill me with cuteness.

Top O' the morning to you, little man!  

Was I kidding about Disney?  Look at these eyes!

And this completes our wintery portion of his session.  

Let's move onto cupcake time!!!!!

Jack liked touching the cupcake but that was about it.

See him crawling away from the cupcake, not that interested.

He loved showing us his frosting fingers though.  Yum!!!

Here is the cupcake once he had finished.  It's perfect.  Hilarious!  I've never seen a baby not devour and cover themselves head to toe in cake!  Funny guy.

After the cupcake, Jack dressed for the final portion of the shoot.  Isn't he just precious?  I think he was talking to me in this shot, "Lady, we're done here, I'm exhausted!"  

Thank you, Chamberlain family, for the privilege of being a part of this special time in Jack's life.  I just adore those big, brown eyes and his cheery disposition.  Such a happy boy!  

Stay tuned tomorrow for Jack's big sister's shots, you will NOT be disappointed.